Navin - a young thai artist - is troubled. He lacks inspiration and is searching for it. In his search he comes to Rome where he meets a guy called Giancarlo. Giancarlo sees his troubles and tells him a story about a man called Inson Wongsam. Inson turns out also to be a thai artist and he did an amazing thing: He travelled from Thailand to Rome on a scooter in the 1960ties - all alone. To prove the story Giancarlo shows Navin the scooter, which he keeps in a garage.

Giancarlo then makes Navin look at a picture of Inson. "Look carefully at his face" he tells Navin in order to make the young artist realise the true meaning of beeing an artist. Giancarlo then explains that the true essence in being an artist consists not only in the art works but also in the way You lead Your life. In order to figure out what this means Giancarlo suggests that Navin should go back to his roots - Thailand - and look up Inson.

As said so done: Navin goes back to Thailand and manages to find Inson. After telling Inson that he saw his scooter in Italy Navin gets the full attention of the older artist - since he lost this scooter in 1964 and never saw it since. Inson tells Navin the story of his journey and young Navin is breathtaken - he now understands what it means to be a true artist. At the end of their conversation Inson gives Navin a set of keys - the keys to the scooter. He tells Navin to go back to Rome and ride the scooter to places Navin has never been before. "Fly yourself to another world" Inson says. And Navin happily responds: "Okay, Mr. Inson. I'll continue Your travels and take Your memories with me."