Liam Gillick
on line

-"From 199A-199B", Hessel Museum of Art, New York

-Sit on the machine, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp
-Sit in the machine, Air de Paris, Paris
-A syntax of dependency, with Lawrence Weiner, M HKA, Antwerp
-A game of War Structure, IMMA, Dublin

- One long walk...two short piers, KAH, Bonn
- Corporate Everything, Centre d'art de Fribourg
- Multipied Resistance Screened, Château La Coste, Provence

- MCA Exhibition, 2009
- MCA Collection Exhibition, 2009
- MAK Wien
- House of Art, Budweis, 2009
- German Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia 2009
53. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte

- Fractional Factories in the Snow, Air de Paris, Paris.
- Three Perspectives and a short scenario, Works : 1988 - 2008, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich.
- Three Perspectives and a short scenario, Works : 1988 - 2008, Witte de With, Rotterdam.

- Suspended projection
- The State / Commune Itself as a Super State / Commune, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerpen.

- The Commune Itself Becomes a Super State, Corvi-Mora, London.
A Month in Sochaux

- Weekend in So Show, The Lab, Denver, Colorado.

- The State Itself Becomes A Super Commune, Esther Schipper, Berlin.
- Monument to Charles Fourier
Texts pieces

- All Hawaii Entrées/Lunar Reggae, curated by Philippe Parreno, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
- Undisciplined : 3rd biennale of ceramics in contemporary art, Albisola, Italie.
- Unitednationsplaza, Berlin, 2006-2007
, Venue for one year school in Berlin.

- Un texto sobre la posibilidad de crear una economia de la eqivalencia, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
- Quarter Scale Model of a Social Structure for a Plaza in Guadalajara
- 222nd Floor, Eva Presenhuber, Zurich.
- Texte court sur la possibilité de créer une économie de l'équivalence, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
- Locked Distance Device, BSI collection, Switzerland.

- Briannnnnn & Ferryyyyyy
- 1983
- Övningskörning (Driving Practice), Milwaukee Art Museum.
- A group of People, Air de Paris, Paris
- 56th Floor Structure, Guggenheim Museum, New York.
- Construccion de Uno, Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid.
- British Home Office government building, London.
- Volvo Kalmar

- Stand Now on a Ridge
- Interior Location Thing, Olnick Corporation building, New York.
- Exterior Days, Casey Kaplan, New York.
- Platformed
- Reciprocal Passage Work, British Land, London.
- Negotiated Doubled, Kirchdorf, Austria.
- Hills and Trays…, Max Hetzler, Berlin.
- …and Punctuated Everydays., Schipper & Krome, Berlin.
- Literally (Diagram) Literally (Structure), MOMA, New York.
- Telling Histories, Kunstverein, Munich.
- I can’t answer that question its a question of conscience, Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain.
- Signage for a market near Alicante, Alicante, Spain.
- Applied Discussion Platform, Dekabank, Frankfurt-am-Main.
- Communes, Bars and Greenroom, Power Plant, Toronto.

- Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich.
- Speculation and Planning, K21, Dusseldorf.
- Wood/Wooden, Guadalajara, Mexico.
- Coats of Asbestos Spangled with Mica, Tate, London.

- Dedalic Convention, Salzburg Kunstverein, Germany.
- Consciens Lobby, Telenor Headquarters, Oslo.
- Yokohama 2001, Yokohama Triennale.
- Annlee you proposes
- Wittes Learning and Studie, Galerie Valentin, Paris.

- Exterior Concourse Diagram, Andy Stillpass House, Cincinatti.
- Applied Foyer Design
- Literallynoplace, Air de Paris, Paris.

- David (Calender and Location Shoot)
, Collection Lenbachhaus, Munich.
- David (he doesn't turn to see her), Frankfurter Kunstverein.

- DIscussion Island Preparation Zone
- So were people this dumb before television ?, Büro Friedrich, Berlin.
- Post Discussion Revision Zone,Villa arson, Nice.
- Big Conference Center, Air de Paris, Paris.

- Erasmus Ass Zehn Jahre Opium #2, Documenta X, Kassel.
- Discussion Island Negotiation Plates
- Dr. Robert Buttimore

- Erasmus is Late Complete Prototype Manuscript File
- Ibuka! Announcement #1, Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart.
- Ibuka! (part1), Air de Paris, Paris.

- McNamara
- Surrogate Catalogue
- Sans Titre, collage/papier

- Sans Titre, tampon encreur /papier

- Hastily arranged «Hog Bike» total wall piece
- June Issue of the German Research Service Bulletin pasteboard & July Issue of the German Research Service Bulletin pasteboard
- Pinboard Project (Grey)

- Untitled, collage et feutre/papier