A dinner is about to take place. Tomorrow everything will
be différent. We are flashing between the early 1800s and
1997. For those stuck in the earlier period, the mob will
become the workers. In 1997 the workers revert to their
old identity. A group of people bas been invited for some-
thing to eat. It is probably appropriate to explain a little
bit about their activities. Robert McNamara was Secretary
of Defense under Kennedy and later a World Bank represen-
tative. Masaru Ibuka co-founded Sony. Elsie McLuhan,
mother of Marshall McLuhan, was a public speaker special-
ising in moral tales. Murry Wilson was the father of Brian
Wilson. Like his son, he was a songwriter, but his ambitions
were thwarted. Later he attempted to live out his desires
through his son's band The Beach Boys. So it seems as if
we are in the company of a specific collection of people.
Maybe they would be seen as secondary characters
by some people, but in this context their grouping at a
dinner explains why there was no change at a specific
period in British history. Not just any change, but a rad-
ical, revolutionary shift. There will also be a guide to