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On the beach in Zurich, 1993
I visited a toy shop along the stone pavement in Zurich. Looking around the shop for some time, I found a cardboard box in the corner. In it were plastic animals and creatures of different kinds. Soon I found myself playing on the floor of the shop. First I grasped an octopus to make it crawl on the floor. It looked alive. Side by side with the octopus, I placed a gorilla, a tiger, a shark, and then, a dolphin, a giraffe, a rhinoceros, and a dinosaur. A donkey in the bottom of the box looked at me, so I put it in front of the octopus. Their eyes met, and appeared to have been looking at each other since long time ago. It seemed that all happened on the beach.
I felt as if I looked at the happenings on the beach from a distance.