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Encounter of Octopus and Pigeon, 1993
.If the gravity left the Earth, then the octopus and the pigeons would meet each other in fairness -
Fighting against gravity.
At first,I thought of this project for the Space.
After a while, I started to think of this project on the planet first.
I tried to organize the encounter of the octopus with the pigeons.
I brought the octopus from my home town, Kobe, to the space in front of the museum, in Nagoya.
There were stairs for the access from the park. I was hoping that the pigeons would come down
the stairs to see the octopus, because the octopus came with me to the city of the pigeons.
I tried to bring the pigeons, but it was not easy.When I started to feel lost, two dogs appeared suddendly.
Then they had an encounterwith the octopus.
After few days, I brought the octopus back to the sea in my home town
with some memory of the city of the pigeons.