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Café - The Southern Hemisphere, March 1996
Kobe - Yokohama - Kaseda, Kagoshima - Kakegawa, Shizuoka- Somewhere, as someone is just wondering, 'I feel like having a cup of coffee. Is there some coffee around here?', he will see a cafe coming up to him on the road. It comes like a coconut that drifts to the shore beyond the ocean from some southern island. It comes among riding the wind. The cafe talks to the people passing in the street. "Excuse me. Where can I buy a nice tablecloth around here?" "Do you think I can buy a coffee cup?" "Where can I get good coffee beans?" "Which is the place where I can get the best view in town?" (The cafe feels a little heavy, he is tripping over flagstones sometimes.) The café is always waiting at the top of a mountain, on the beach, or at the street corner for a sweet person whom he has never seen. He waits boiling water, humming a song, and looking up at floating clouds and the setting sun.