Philippe Parreno

Fade to Black (...), 2003
silkscreens on paper 300 gr. (phosphorescent ink),
each 185 x 120 cm
edition 6

Each image recalls an event or an ephemeral work by the artist. It is a flickering memory.


Fade to Black (In 2003, I asked Liam Gillick to design for me a series of large commercial banners for a movie set. In the end, the banners were not used for the movie, but one of them was produced and placed along a highway in Bangkok.), 2003


Fade to Black (In 2003, Rirkrit Tiravanija and I produced two ventriloquist puppets of ourselves so I could talk through him, and he could talk through me.), 2003
Fade to Black (In the autumn of 2003, at Boulders Beach in South Africa I made the entrance to Reality Park), 2003 Fade to Black (In 1983 Rirkrit Tiravanija made a SCI-FI artwork for me), 2003 Fade to Black (The winter of 1996 as it has been reported by Pierre Huyghe), 2003 Fade to Black (The Sky of Seven Colors: In 1997 the first product un-doing factory was created in Japan. In 2003 I recycled a Toyota car, a Canon copy machine and a Sony PC from one of these assembly lines into a lamp. Its shape has no importance really. ), 2003 Fade to Black (Sequences), 2003 Fade to Black (In September 2002 I bought an option agreement on a novel so that all the scenarios and potential films I imagined were legally certified, leading to a series of mental games and a troubled real existence.), 2003

Fade to Black (Argentina vs. Netherlands 1978, Medina 2003), 2003

Fade to Black (The Day After, Kitakyushu 2003), 2003
Fade to Black (Space World, Kitakyushu 2003), 2003
Fade to Black (Sound Pan, Paris 2002), 2003
Fade to Black (The Ice Man, Tokyo 1995), 2003








In 2002, I showed a videotape of the 1978 final World Cup game to school students in Medina, then asked them to replay the game in the schoolyard like they would have with a classical theatrical play.

The Day After: I rented an advertisement truck that was driven at dusk through the city of Kitakyushu in 2003 during a political campaign. A post-apocalyptic speech was broadcast in the streets, introducing a series of alternative ideas to the campaign and suggesting the condition of a fiction.

Space World: in 2003 I added an attraction to the entertainment park "Space World". During the daily parade the characters of the park distributed flyers and danced on the central plaza introducing the theory of a timeless universe.

Tunable Stars: A   flare   that illustrates a radio program that was broadcast on Radio France in the summer of 2002. During one hour and thirty minutes a radio telescope panned over the sky offering listeners a sound track to the stars.

In the summer of 1995, I made an ice sculpture that was installed in a public garden in Tokyo. Every day the sculpture melted and was replaced. Art turned seasonal; the ice man is like a Christmas tree or an ice-swan on a banquet table.